double_quotes_topYou guys did an amazing service on my bike. Here I was thinking I was out of shape, but as soon as I got it back, I realized how inefficiently my bike had been running - it wasn't me after all ! Those hills aren't nearly as hard any more. THANKS!!!!! double_quotes_bottom

 Lindsey Rose

double_quotes_top Great service!! Thank you for fixing my son`s bike and scooter! 10 minutes and everything was done! double_quotes_bottom

 Kirill Bordon

double_quotes_top Thank you so much for your excellence. The speedy friendly repair made my day. double_quotes_bottom

 Selina Martin

double_quotes_top Wanted to share a few words about my awesome Brodie Voltage. I guess you could say I'm new to the world of bikes being that I mainly rode for pleasure until a year ago when I started commuting to work. I now ride every day, even in the rain.

Up until last December, I was commuting on an old 10 speed. Now I ride the Brodie Voltage. I got a great deal on a Brodie at Bikes On The Drive, here in Vancouver. The guys there set me up with all I needed to make my ride one of comfort and style. And, wow! What a difference!

I love my Brodie! I chose it because it was Canadian made and stylish, but I will continue to ride it because, well, it's a great bike to ride! Seriously, I find I have so much control and power when riding the Voltage; it's a great feeling and it makes those commutes, rain or shine, fun! If you're looking for a solid, hybrid bike, feeling patriotic and like to look good on your bike, then go for this bike. And, if you want exceptional service from excellent bike mechanics and all around good people, head over to Commercial Drive in East Van, to Bikes On The Drive. double_quotes_bottom

Tracey Langille

double_quotes_topI am so grateful to have these knowledgeable, kind and very supportive bike experts so closeby. After months of deliberation and many visits, I bought my dream bike from this terrific shop today.

I have never been so excited to have a bike that is perfect for my needs. For those who know me, I research my options thoroughly and I have extremely high standards for customer service. They exceeded all of them.  How often can you say that about a major purchase? I am confident in my purchase and even more excited to return for my regular check-ups (included for the first year).

A bike is a big purchase and I am so grateful that these good folks will be along for the ride!


Hilary K


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