There are not many places on Earth where you can freeride world-class trails, find practically endless stretches of open road, spin along a gentle bike path and cut through amazing cross-country terrain all in the same weekend. Norco, located in British Columbia, however, is smack dab in the middle of a cycling paradise - which turns out to be the best testing facility around, and a big part of the reason they make some of the finest bicycles available.

Norco also draws on the knowledge of a world-class factory team, staff riders, engineers and designers to continue pushing the envelope in their quest to produce innovative bicycles that do it all. We're proud to carry Norco bicycles and have a wide selection for all your needs.

The History
Northern Cycle Industries Ltd. was founded in 1964 by Bert Lewis, who had a dream: creating a Western Canadian-based bicycle company committed to quality products and outstanding customer service.
Since then, Norco has grown from humble beginnings in suburban garage to become a substantial enterprise employing over 150 people. Norco now has two fully-capable customer service and warehouse facilities, located in Vancouver and Toronto. Norco bicycles are now sold around the world,  boasting distribution in over 25 countries!

Endless Innovation
Folks at Norco are as passionate about cycling as they are about the products they design. They count among their ranks racers, dirt jumpers, freeriders, BMXers, commuters, and roadies who bring to the table a diverse industry background from retail sales to engineering to competition.

Norco's crack design team relies heavily on input from their pro athletes, and involves them in the development of new designs and technologies. Then, designs are tested, modified and perfected to ensure they hold up in real world conditions. 

Whether it's creating award-winning bikes, bringing innovations to the industry, or supporting grass-roots and trail-building initiatives, the folks at Norco have always maintained the same spirit – it’s all about the ride, no compromise. Norco is known for cutting-edge products and innovative bicycle designs, in-house engineering and meticulous attention to detail which ensures that Norco bikes meet rigorous standards for ride quality and durability.


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