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  • Norco Threshold A1 - 2015

    Perfect for barreling into sandpits and powering through soggy fields, Norco's Threshold A1 can handle everything the toughest cycloross courses can dish out. The… [more]

  • Brodie Ronin - 2015

    Your only master is the call of the open road when you're riding Brodie's Ronin. Have a mixed-terrain, burly commute? Some high-mileage plans for the weekend? Or how… [more]

  • Norco Valence A4 - 2014

    Norco’s Valence A4 is a fun, do-it-all road machine. Its double-butted-aluminum frame and fork deliver stellar comfort and handling. Lightweight, smooth-rolling aluminum… [more]

  • Norco Search S3 - 2015

    Norco's Search S3 is more than a road bike: it is an all road bike. The route to the elusive ‘end of the road’ is often unpaved, which is why the Search features a steel… [more]

  • Brodie Tiber - 2015

    Like the rolling waters of Italy's Tiber River, Brodie's Tiber will take you on an incredible journey. With a butted chromoly steel frame and a tarmac-smoothing carbon… [more]

  • Brodie Revel - 2015

    Brodie's Revel is a revelation in two-wheeled capability. Got a burly, mixed-terrain commute? Some high-mileage plans for the weekend? Or how about exploring the local… [more]

  • Norco Search S1 - 2015

    Norco's Search S1 is more than a road bike - it's an all road, exploring machine. The route to the elusive ‘end of the road’ is often unpaved, which is why Search… [more]

  • Brodie Circuit - 2015

    When the journey means more than the destination, Brodie's Circuit is the bike for you. The butted chromoly touring frame and trekking fork are lively when you ride sans… [more]

  • Norco Valence A1 - 2015
    Product Rating
    5.0 stars
     (1 Review)

    Ready for more fun on all your road loops? Norco's Valence A1 makes it easy with a lightweight, double-butted-aluminum frame paired to a carbon fork to dance up climbs… [more]

  • Norco Valence C4 - 2014

    Norco's Valence C4's stiff, lightweight carbon frame and gently curving seat stays make it one beautifully-riding bike. Up front, the full-carbon fork steers with… [more]


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Today's Tip

Fly A Lot? Consider A Bike Travel Case - Are you a frequent flier? Consider purchasing a bike case. While these crates are more expensive than cardboard bike boxes, they offer more protection and can be used over and over. Additionally, they include wheels on the bottom for easier toting through airports. Plus, once you own one, you might recoup some of its cost by renting it to cycling friends who travel. And, think of how cool it will look stickered up with decals from all the far-flung destinations you've ridden in.