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  • Norco VFR 2 - 2014

    Norco's VFR 2 boasts a light, efficient and nimble double-butted aluminum frame and carbon fork that gets up to speed quickly and handles like a dream. It makes all your… [more]

  • Norco Valence A4 Forma - Women's - 2014

    Norco‚Äôs Valence A4 Forma is a fun, do-it-all road machine. Its double-butted-aluminum frame and fork deliver stellar comfort and handling. Lightweight, smooth-rolling… [more]

  • Norco Revolver 7.1 - 2015

    Move up the XC ranks with Norco's Revolver 7.1. Its super-light, responsive high-modulus carbon floats up techy climbs, while the 100mm-travel RockShox SID fork inspires… [more]

  • Norco Revolver 9.2 - 2015

    Norco's Revolver 9.2 is ready to put your competition, as well as your buddies, in the hurt locker. This 29er performs at the World Cup XC level with a super-stiff,… [more]

  • Norco VFR 2 Forma - Women's - 2014

    Norco's VFR 2 Forma boasts a light, efficient and nimble double-butted aluminum frame and carbon fork that get up to speed quickly and handle like a dream. All of your… [more]

  • Norco Range Alloy 7.2 - 2015

    From a week long epic in a remote mountain range, to racing enduro, Norco's Range Alloy 7.2 is the bike that crushes it. Its 160mm of plush, active A.R.T. rear… [more]

  • Norco Range Alloy 7.1 - 2015

    Rally your local trail or pin it in the backwoods, Norco's Range Alloy 7.1 gives you the tools to ride the way you want. Its 160mm of plush, active A.R.T. rear… [more]

  • Norco Revolver 7 SL XX1 - 2015

    Whether it's a World Cup XC battle, an epic stage race, or hot laps on your local loop, you're going to be the fastest cat out there aboard Norco's Revolver 7 SL XX1.… [more]

  • Norco Fluid 7.2 Forma - Women's - 2015

    Norco's Fluid 7.2 Forma is a rewarding ride that brings top end suspension tech to a value price. It carves, corners and delivers a ride that is fluid and smooth thanks… [more]

  • Norco Threshold A2 - 2014
    Product Rating
    5.0 stars
     (1 Review)

    Mixed terrain? No problem. Norco's Threshold A2 tackles rough pavement, gravel, and dirt with ease. Built to boldly go where no road bike would dare, it sports a sturdy,… [more]


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Today's Tip

Maintain Your Seatpost - One important and often-neglected maintenance task is seatpost lubrication. Left alone, steel and aluminum seatposts can actually freeze in steel and aluminum frames due to corrosion from water that seeps between the seatpost and frame on wet rides. To prevent this and keep the post moving freely, extract it about every two months (more frequently if you ride in wet conditions a lot) and apply a light coat of lube inside the seat tube on the frame (if you smear the lube on the seatpost, it'll get scraped off when you slide the post into the frame). Please note that most manufacturers do not recommend greasing carbon frames or carbon seatposts. Please ask if you have any questions about your bicycle.