Feature Items

  • Norco Threshold Carbon 105 - 2015

    Norco's Threshold Carbon 105 is an excellent ally when pushing yourself to your physical limits. Its feathery mid-modulus carbon frame and fork are freakishly strong and… [more]

  • Norco Search S3 - 2015

    Norco's Search S3 is more than a road bike: it is an all road bike. The route to the elusive ‘end of the road’ is often unpaved, which is why the Search features a steel… [more]

  • Norco Threshold A2 - 2015
    Product Rating
    5.0 stars
     (1 Review)

    Mixed terrain? No problem. Norco's Threshold A2 tackles rough pavement, gravel, and dirt with ease. Built to boldly go where no road bike would dare, it sports a sturdy,… [more]

  • Brodie Monster - 2015

    Truly epic rides take a special equation of dedicated rider and a unique, purpose-built bike; Brodie's Monster answers half that equation. The butted chromoly steel… [more]

  • Norco Valence Carbon Tiagra - 2015

    Norco's Valence Carbon Tiagra's stiff, lightweight carbon frame and gently curving seat stays make it one beautiful riding bike. Up front, the full carbon fork steers… [more]

  • Norco VFR 3 Forma - Women's - 2014

    Enjoying bike paths, city streets and dirt roads is more fun on Norco's VFR 3. It boasts Norco's nimble-handling lightweight aluminum frame with plenty of get-up-and-go,… [more]

  • Brodie Circuit - 2015

    When the journey means more than the destination, Brodie's Circuit is the bike for you. The butted chromoly touring frame and trekking fork are lively when you ride sans… [more]

  • Norco Valence A4 Forma - Women's - 2015

    Norco’s Valence A4 Forma is a fun, do-it-all road machine. Its double-butted-aluminum frame and fork deliver stellar comfort and handling. Lightweight, smooth-rolling… [more]

  • Norco Threshold A1 Forma - Women's - 2015

    Perfect for barreling into sandpits and powering through soggy fields, Norco's Threshold A1 Forma can handle everything the toughest cycloross courses can dish out.… [more]

  • Norco Valence A4 - 2014

    Norco’s Valence A4 is a fun, do-it-all road machine. Its double-butted-aluminum frame and fork deliver stellar comfort and handling. Lightweight, smooth-rolling aluminum… [more]



Bikes On The Drive is a local community oriented bike shop specializing in making cycling accessible and fun for everyone. Whether you need your bike to pedal to the store, ride around the Sea Wall, or be strong for competitive racing, we are here for you. Our dedicated team of friendly staff are trained and professional, so we can serve you to the best of our ability.

Today's Tip

Don't Muddle The Puddle - When riding in muddy conditions be careful at puddles. It may seem fun to blast through. But it's never a good idea because you can't be sure what's at the bottom. If there's a hole there, you'll end up doing a sweet Superman imitation and sail over the bars when your front wheel gets stopped cold. This will entertain your ride partners immensely but it can be quite painful and could wreck the fork and frame if you're really unlucky. Our recommendation? Slow way down and try to gauge how deep it is. If you decide it's safe to ride through the middle, get your weight back and off the front wheel. Or, if it looks deep, try skirting the edge of the puddle so you know you're passing over solid ground. Or, if the puddle is pond like, get off and walk around. The goal is to pass safely and to not widen or damage the trail, too.